Our weekly Mental Health Monday reminder for this week is with a look at a crucial element of daily wellbeing – that’s hydration.

It sounds simple, and maybe even a bit boring, but did you know that not drinking enough water can bear a huge impact on our emotional wellbeing, let alone physical?

When we’re not properly hydrated, our wellbeing suffers. Studies show that even just mild dehydration can lead to mood changes, irritability, fatigue, sleepiness and anxiety. And that’s not even getting into the “obvious” problems, such as dry skin, digestive issues, UTIs and headaches.

Everyone’s hydration needs are unique to them, and factors such as sex, height, weight, age and level of activity all influence how much water we should be consuming daily.

If drinking water feels like a hassle, try making it more appealing with fruits such as grapefruit, orange, lemon, or berries or with herbs such as mint to make plain water instantly more interesting. You can also sneak more water into your day with your favourite herbal teas – a great option especially with the weather turning colder.

For an indication about how much water your body needs, try this hydration calculator: https://www.ecobud.com.au/support/hydration-calculator