Well Balanced Winter Nutrition

Well Balanced Winter Nutrition

We’re well and truly into the chillier part of the year, and with that comes the urge to shun our usual eating habits and instead embrace more hearty, stodgy meals (and maybe kick back on the couch and enjoy our favourite comfort foods too!).

But the colder weather doesn’t mean our nutrition has to suffer, and so to get us winter ready, this week’s Mental Health Monday is about winter nutrition and how we can eat well this season.

When we’re tired after a long day, often we lack the energy to come up with healthy, balanced dinner ideas, so it’s key to pick a day when we’re feeling energised to plan out our meals for the week (don’t forget breakfast and lunch as well!). Having a plan makes food shopping easy too, because we know exactly what we need to buy, so we spend less time mooching around the aisles, deliberating over what to put in the trolley.

Eating regularly helps us to keep hunger at bay and avoid making last-minute unhealthy decisions, so snacking is an important part of good nutrition. Have a good think about what healthy snacks you enjoy and plan those in too.

For tips on what to put in your shopping trolley this week, see Nutrition Australia’s 8 Winter Foods to support a healthy immune system: Staying Healthy This Winter | Nutrition Australia