Music for your Wellbeing

Music for your Wellbeing

This week’s Mental Health Monday is about music for wellbeing. It should come as no surprise to most that music can have a positive impact on our mood. Did you know though that music goes deeper than just a mere mood boost and has far-reaching benefits for our wellbeing?

It’s impressive the list of benefits that music can offer us. It can boost immune activity, decrease inflammation, raise self-esteem, improve memory and lower incidents of depression, anxiety and stress. It is particularly supportive of enhanced morale and reduced loneliness, anxiety and depression among older adults when enjoyed in a group, such as through singing groups and choirs.

People who make music also benefit from the boost that using their creative energies gives to their sense of overall wellbeing – an effect which increases when done in the company of others.

Music can lift us up but it can also bring us down. If you want to use music to enhance your wellbeing, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Have a go at listening to different kinds and discover what suits you. You can find different types to suit your different needs, for example, music for energy, music for joy, music for reflection or music for winding down. There is no limit, so go explore!

If you would like to share your favourite playlists or your top 5 favourite songs that you love and make you feel good please send them through to Danka so we can share them with the team.

Here are my 5 favourite tracks:

Harry Styles – Adore You

Arctic Monkeys –  Do I Wanna Know

Cry Baby – When The Lights Go Out

Blondie – Heart of Glass

Moloko – The Time Is Now