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This week’s topic is a common, everyday problem that really eats into our general wellbeing and sense of worth – that’s procrastination.

Procrastination is all about postponing jobs and instead filling up our time with distractions. While a bit of procrastination is no big deal, prolonged spells may have a deleterious effect on our wellbeing and lead to feelings of anxiety, panic, stress, guilt, depression, regret and self-doubt.

There are so many reasons why we procrastinate instead of tackling the job at hand. Lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, feelings of inadequacy, fears of doing a bad job, fears of criticism, stress and personal problems such as money concerns or relationship problems, can all lead us to avoid responsibilities and instead indulge in procrastination.

Don’t beat yourself up if you procrastinate! It’s a completely human thing to do. However, it’s important to address it and take back control.

To learn more about procrastination and how to manage it, see this resource from Centre of Clinical Interventions, which includes a 7-module workbook: Procrastination Self-Help Resources – Information Sheets & Workbooks (