Sleep for your Wellbeing

Sleep for your Wellbeing

Today we’re looking at the importance of sleep for wellbeing.

We’re all familiar with the effects that a lack of sleep wreaks; irritability and poor concentration are common complaints of a bad night’s rest. Over time, poor quality sleep leads to difficulty making good, well-judged decisions, feelings of depression, and even physical concerns, such as increased blood pressure. Consistent lack of sleep may even make us more prone to heart disease, diabetes, stress and obesity.

Good quality, regular sleep, however, brings with it a range of benefits. It supports a healthy immune system and overall mental wellbeing. It helps us to perform better at our daily tasks, especially those that require focus and brainpower. It can even help keep us at a healthy weight and support fertility.

If you want to learn more about sleep and wellbeing, as well as find helpful tips to improve your sleep hygiene, visit Healthdirect Australia’s collection of sleep resources:

Also check out this TED talk from Matt Walker who is a brain scientist and shares the wonderfully good things that happen to us when we get to sleep and the alarmingly bad things that happen when we don`t, for both your brain and the body: