It’s the start of a brand new week, and that means kicking things off with our best foot forward and making some wellbeing goals for Mental Health Monday!

And speaking of putting our best foot forward, this week we’re looking at the excellent wellbeing benefits we get from walking.

An Irish study in 2016 revealed that people who walk 150 minutes or more per week are more socially active and enjoy better overall wellbeing, illustrating that a simple and accessible activity like regular walking can help us to achieve a better quality of life.

Regular walking is also proven to boost self-esteem, mood and sleep quality while reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue. And people who are regularly physically active, such as regular walkers, may reduce their risk of experiencing depression by up to 30%.

If you want to make walking a greater part of your well-being routine, why not join some of the many online walking challenges in Australia and around the world? Having a purpose, such as a 2-week challenge or a more ambitious 100-day challenge, might give you the motivation you need to get out more. And with winter approaching, we could all do with a little extra motivation.