Giving Back Program

As part of our commitment to making a positive difference to the world around us, we are launching the ‘Giving Back’ program. This program will involve Leor donating $5 to the charity of your choice for each month that you receive care from us.*

We would like you to choose the charity that Leor donates to on your behalf.

We have identified a shortlist of three charities for you to choose from. Each charity supports Australian children; is based in Australia; practices diversity and inclusion; and relates to areas of need that Leor also supports.

To find out more about our social responsibility and values click here.

*Program commences from 1 March 2021. Families must have received care for at least 75% of the calendar month to qualify for a Giving Back payment to be made on their behalf. Payments will be made to charities on a quarterly or bi-annual, or annual basis at Leor’s discretion and will be paid in Leor’s name. Families will not receive a donation receipt. Where families do not elect a charity, Leor will nominate a charity on their behalf from the shortlist. Payments will be made out of profits only and will not be deducted from operational costs.

Charity Selection

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