Building Safety & Engagement with a Trauma Lens

Wednesday 1 June, 11am AEST

Have you ever supported a child in your service that had experienced trauma and wondered how you can create a safe and engaging environment for them? Louella Covich, Psychologist, will discuss how to establish rapport, build a safe space and facilitate strong engagement with children in a learning or therapy environment.

Louella Covich is a registered psychologist who has been supporting children in various contexts for over 15 years, including in her own private practice, as well as with out of home care programs and through parental support. Louella’s work with Leor has included supporting families with challenging behaviours and working with our Educators to develop strategies for enhanced learning outcomes for children.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Understand the importance for regular, repeated, connect experiences with a safe adult are key to build relationship and engagement
  2. Become aware of how certain contexts, environments, people, responses etc. may escalate a child due to their trauma background
  3. Recognise that traditional education models may make assumptions about a child’s state and a more flexible approach may be required in a trauma context
  4. Understand that meeting a child “where they are at” gives the message we want to be part of their world


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