Family Elected Educator Fee

The Family Elected Educator Fee is payable by families who elect to bring their own Educator to Leor and fee covers the onboarding of an Educator that a family has elected to use. The fee covers the cost of ensuring the Educator meets Leor’s minimum standards and includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks, interviewing the Educator, completion of reference checks, obtaining or reviewing the Police Check, verifying the Educator’s working with children check and qualifications and inducting the Educator.

This fee is not refundable and cannot be credited towards Leor fees unless approved by Management. This fee is due and payable each time a family elects to bring an Educator to Leor, is payable per Educator, and applies to all Educators that have not previously been employed by Leor. This fee must be paid before Leor conducts a first interview with an Educator.


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