Managing Challenging Behaviours with a Trauma Lens

Wednesday 15 June, 11am AEST

In an early learning environment, we are often faced with differing behaviours. The tools to use in these scenarios may be impacted by the reasons for the behaviours. Louella Covich, Psychologist, will discuss how psychology, brain development and trauma impacts behaviours and how the tools you can adopt in these situations may differ depending on the environment and the trauma that a child has experienced.

Louella Covich is a registered psychologist who has been supporting children in various contexts for over 15 years, including in her own private practice, as well as without of home care programs and through parental support. Louella’s work with Leor has included supporting families with challenging behaviours and working with our Educators to develop strategies for enhanced learning outcomes for children.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Recognise that behaviour is communication about a child’s unmet need
  2. Understand the role of safety and connection in responding to behaviour
  3. Recognise the importance of co-regulation as a key component to de-escalating a child
  4. Understand the framework of Emotion Coaching to develop emotional intelligence and problem solve


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