Managing Ourselves in Heightened Scenarios

Wednesday 29 June, 11am AEST

Have you ever reflected on a situation where a child’s emotions were heightened only to realise that yours were as well? Louella Covich, Psychologist, will discuss how to identify when your own emotions are heightened, how to self-regulate, and then how to manage a situation where the emotions of others, including children, are also heightened. Louella will also cover self-care and wellbeing practices that can be adopted every day to maintain positive mental health.

Louella Covich is a registered psychologist who has been supporting children in various contexts for over 15 years, including in her own private practice, as well as with out of home care programs and through parental support. Louella’s work with Leor has included supporting families with challenging behaviours and working with our Educators to develop strategies for enhanced learning outcomes for children.

In this session, participants will:

  1. Recognise the way our nervous systems are impacted by those around us
  2. Recognising the importance of regulating ourselves regularly
  3. Develop a personalised list of regulating and self-care activities
  4. Understand that by regulating ourselves in the presence of a child can provide the child with a model to learn their own regulation skills


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