Placement Confirmation Bond

The payment of the Placement Confirmation Bond ensures that you have secured your Leor Placement and will commence your Leor Sessions on the date outlined in your Placement Confirmation. By making payment of this Bond you are accepting the Leor relevant to your Placement and accept the minimum term of the Placement. At the end of your Placement, this Bond will either be returned to you, or can be used towards your fees during the notice period. This bond is not refundable if you do not proceed with the Placement or you terminate before the minimum term.

The Placement Confirmation Bond must be paid within 2 working days of receiving your Placement Confirmation and indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and commitment to the minimum term outlined in the Placement Confirmation. Failure to pay the bond within 2 working days will result in a forfeit of your Placement and you will be placed back onto the waitlist. This Bond is not refundable if you do not proceed with your Placement, or terminate before the minimum term.


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