Specialised Recruitment

We welcome the opportunity to specifically recruit an Educator to meet your family’s needs. By engaging us Leor to specifically recruit an Educator for your family, we are able to dedicate resources to meeting the needs of your family based on the type of care you require, as well as the hours and days that suit you.

The Specific Recruitment fee is not refundable where you choose not to proceed with Leor Services. Upon confirmation of the successful recruitment of an Educator by Leor, you will be required to commence accessing Leor services by the date given to you by Leor “Commencement Date”. If you are unable to commence receiving Leor Services by the Commencement Date this fee will be immediately forfeited and a holding fee may be charged in order to retain the recruited Educator, no less than the cost of your proposed weekly hours multiplied by the period for which the Educator must be retained. In the event that you commence accessing Leor services on the Commencement Date, the Specialised Recruitment Fee will be credited towards your out of pocket fees.


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